Hair Cut


The Mexico to the American greenback exchange rate hit an all-time-high of 18.90 pesos per one U.S. Dollar. Good for those folks earning and spending in Dollars, especially tourists thinking of coming down to Mexico whose Franklins and Jeffersons will go way further than in the past --a not too long ago past at that. 

The aforementioned is a symptom of several economic and financial factors I won't bore you with. The fact remains, in spite of all the numbers the Mexican government keeps throwing out to the public, things are NOT looking up for Mexico given internal and external dynamics. The facts are there for all to see. Then again, seeing is not believing for many folks; a better descriptor of human nature is: what do you believe you see?  Well, just look at the Donald Trump campaign in the United States. It does not matter how many facts or lies you give people, they always end up falling on what they choose to believe and even facts can be used to build a worldview based on lies.